Posted on May 16th, 2013

Working obligations and professional accomplishments are always a significant matter. People always need to be quite keen and extremely concerned towards the quality of work and ratio of achievements being set by them. This is how a greater ratio of success and a higher quality of progressive level can be acquired and achieved by the people. No matter what the area of work and responsibility of job is associated to the people, they need to implement ideal quality working and high quality efforts to reach towards highest ratios of perfection and career progression.

Luis Ortiz is one of the most dedicated and reliable professionals who know best about incorporating diligence within their work. This professional is keen and hay conscious about the entire level of work associated to him. Moreover he values the requirements and actual demands of the clients and provides them with the absolute solutions that are capable of satisfying them to every possible extent.

What does he do?
  • He is a real estate property estate agent. Holding an educational background in finance, he is quite proficient in handling the clients exactly according to their own will and total suitability. He now works in Keller Williams NYC as the manager of the company and is capable of satisfying the property related requirements of a vast ratio of public.
  • He has acquired a working experience at Synergy NYC as well and has been providing high quality property solutions to the complete range of audience consulting him.
  • He has secured approximately $40,000 through the selling and recommendations of various kinds of real estate property solutions.
  • He started his work of property solutions through online mediums by posting different property ads available on rent for the people.
Luis Ortiz has been working extremely hard and quite diligently to support all sorts of property related requirements of the people with a wide variety of property requirements. This is why he has established a sound reputation in being a dependable and yet selectable real estate property agent of the current world. His efforts are always reliable and he always fully conveys what actually is required in terms of property and estate related issues. His utmost preference is to provide a convenient and yet reliable property solution to all the clients consulting him. This has made this man to be among the list of all the most dependable and famous real estate property agents of the present epoch!

Posted on May 3rd, 2013

Jobs and working potentials always move side by side. Every job has its own requirements and demands. It is always upon the personal setting of the people to manage their work with perfection and apt responsibility. This is how the goals of accomplishments and attainments can be possibly achieved. The targets and aims are usually set by the people. Sometimes the targets are attainable, while sometimes the goals are quite difficult to be accessed and reached. People need to incorporate the best and ideal working strategies to derive out the best results as well as accomplish the highest possible limits of success by using the best quality efforts within their working areas.
Luis Ortiz is one of the most dedicated and hard-working professionals of the present scenario who have earned the reputation of being totally reliable and absolutely dependable in their working explorations. This professional has a core target of attaining the high qulaity accomplishments along with reaching towards the attainable goals that are actually perfect and totally escalating in nature. He has been working quite diligently and has therefore acquired the status of one of the most well known successful youngsters of the world.

Born in Puerto Reco, he and his brother migrated to NYC without letting their parents informed. They were actually inclined towards undergoing the practical explorations of life. This interest of theirs brought them to NYC at the age of only 16 years old. The journey of ever-increasing accomplishments has been progressing ever-since.

Working experiences:
  • He worked as a film producer in the early era of his life. Interested in film-making, he created various films to satisfy this interest of accomplishment to a great extent. With the passage of time, he got his interest being moved towards becoming a property estate agent. He has been working as a property estate agent since a long time and has acquired a great popularity by being a part of this occupation and practical field.

The ongoing journey of becoming estate agent:
  • He started this job as a freelance ad poster through Craig lists. He posted the property ads that were only available for rent.
  • With the diligence and efforts, he received an offer at Synergy NYC. This was the turning point of his career.
  • Now he works at Kellar Williams NYC and is among the most well known property estate agents of the world.
Luis Ortiz is among those who believe in their goals and aims. This is why he is always targeted towards reaching the highest limits of attainments and ever-increasing accomplishments!
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Posted on April 19th, 2013

services by Luis Ortiz

Professionalism is the demand of every sort of field and practical exploration. People need to have the special skills of effective management and ideal reliability standards to enhance their means of working and enhancing the ratio of perfection possessed by them. This is how they are able to boost up the chances of progress acquired and intended by them. Luis Ortiz is one of the most dedicated professionals who are aimed towards generating perfection within all dimensions of work associated to them. He is highly diligent and totally focused to meet the utmost standards of excellence and ever-increasing perfection. He has a vast range of experiences and explorations within the history of his career and life related prospects. Each and every phase is a clear testimony of utmost effort along with thorough implementation of professionalism that has surely led him towards long term benefits and ongoing successful attainments.

The journey:
Luis Ortiz belongs to Puerto reco and shifted to NYC with his twin brother when his age was only sixteen years old. His main interests were towards creating films and generating perfection through them. He has a various films being launched and developed as a mark of attainment in his professional career. But, somehow the interest was quite changed and he opted towards becoming a real estate agent. He holds a strong background in finance and has the total grasp upon various dealings involved in the complete estate related affairs and scenarios. He started with Craigslist by posting the ads of the properties that were only available on rent. Then, with the hard work and consideration towards client satisfaction, he moved towards working for Synergy NYC. After a time span of 18 months, he is now a well known and most popular vice president at Keller Williams NYC. His hard work and keenness towards perfection has enabled him to reach towards the best goals of accomplishment and ongoing journey of progress.

Luis Ortiz values the contentment and satisfaction of the clients. This is why each and every client associated and dealt by him is always positive and satisfied from the way they have been guided and served by him. This has added a lot towards his establishment and ever-increasing success possessed by him. A report says that he has an approximate selling of more than $50,000 through the real estate business. The complete professional attainments assured by Luis Ortiz are definitely one of the most distinctive and fascinating approaches of aptness that can be possibly attained! 



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